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Essentials for Fertility

and Motherhood

Helping you embrace a holistic approach to fertility and build a foundation for a healthy pregnancy by using homeopathy and holistic fertility coaching.

Personalized Care

I use a personalized and holistic approach rooted in empathy, to guide you on your fertility journey.

Diverse Expertise

With experience and education in both nursing and homeopathy,

I bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and natural practices.

Empowering Results

I focus on creating positive and lasting change in your life to help prepare your body for pregnancy.


I’m Kayla

Holistic Fertility Coach

My name is Kayla, and I'm a Holistic Fertility Coach who understands the longing for a fulfilling fertility journey.

My background in nursing provided a strong foundation, but I craved a path that incorporated a more holistic approach to health.

Witnessing the limitations of traditional healthcare and experiencing my own fertility journey, I developed a desire to empower women through natural approaches to fertility. This led me to pursue holistic fertility coaching.

My Vision

Through personalized coaching and homeopathy, we'll combine the best of both worlds and explore lifestyle habits that optimize fertility naturally while healing on an energetic level with homeopathy. Through our sessions, you will be equipped with a deep sense of education and empowerment, and have the knowledge and tools to navigate your journey with confidence and optimism.

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Fertility Awareness

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Want to take control of your fertility naturally? The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) can help! My Fertility Awareness Guide empowers you to understand your body's natural rhythm and optimize your fertility journey naturally.

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Holistic Fertility Coaching + Homeopathy

My Signature 4 Month Program

Struggling to Conceive? Uncover the potential of homeopathy to

complement your holistic fertility journey.

How Homeopathy Supports Fertility:

        • Stimulate ovulation, regulate cycles, address hormonal

birth control effects.

        • Enhance cervical mucus (women) & sperm count/motility (men).
        • Address stressors, emotional blocks impacting fertility.
        • Support overcoming potential genetic challenges.

The Fertility Protocol: Is it Right for You?

This personalized program helps couples experiencing:

        • Unexplained Infertility
        • Miscarriage
        • PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids
        • Failed IUI/IVF (consult your doctor)
        • Poor Egg/Sperm Quality
        • Hormonal Imbalances

With rising infertility rates, many couples seek alternatives. Homeopathy and lifestyle changes can empower you for a thriving fertility journey, often within months.

Are you ready to take the first step towards growing your family?

What’s Included:

Comprehensive Consultation

In this 120 minute session, we take a deep dive into your health history, family background, emotional well-being, and previous test results (if applicable) – ideally with both partners present.

Personalized Remedies

Receive a curated series of 6-8 homeopathic remedies tailored to your unique needs.

In my practice, I treat the male as well, he is given 1-2 remedies.

Tailored Coaching Plan

Based on your unique needs, we'll create a customized coaching plan and then engage in bi-weekly coaching sessions. These sessions provide a consistent space for growth, and actionable steps toward your goals, as well as ongoing fertility education.

Ongoing Support System

Beyond our regular sessions, enjoy continuous support and reflection. Periodic check-ins, progress assessments, and unlimited email support ensure that you stay on track and navigate challenges with confidence.

In-person Workshops:

Are you a mom of littles or caregiver feeling overwhelmed by modern life? Are you

craving a supportive network and natural solutions for a healthy family?

My in-person workshops will give you the tools you need to feel empowered

and thrive, offering a unique blend of education and connection.

Learn practical skills in homeopathy, holistic health, and fertility coaching.

Gain valuable knowledge, address limiting beliefs, and build a community

of like-minded moms who uplift and empower you.

Explore my class schedule and find the perfect fit to support your

family's well-being naturally, from conception to motherhood.

(Click the date for booking link and info.)

Homeopathy for Common Childhood Ailments

June 27th 6:00-7:30 PM

December 5th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Homeopathy for Postpartum and Newborns

July 25th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Fertility Awareness

August 22nd, 6:00-7:30 PM

November 7th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Homeopathy for Birth Workers

September 12th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Homeopathy for Fall & Winter

October 3rd, 6:00-7:30 PM

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